By law, as of January 1, 2023, all foreign tourists visiting the State of Quintana Roo, must pay the Obligatory Tourist tax, called VISITAX.

Your tax payment will help us protect our beaches and Mayan heritage sites.

With VISITRAVEL ASSIST, you can have the Assistance Program,  with a value of 30 thousand USD and coverage up to 60 days, which provides services like:

Please check terms and conditions here.

Medical Assistance

For sickness or accident

Medical Services

Ambulance, doctor at the hotel, medicines, COVID-19 antigen test.


Cancellation, repatriation, hotel expenses.

Baggage Protection

Support for purchase of basic necessities, localization and shipment.


In case of theft or in case of car accident.


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Article 51-Octies:

Foreign visitors entering the State shall pay a fee of 2.5 UMAS for the use and exploitation of property assets of the public domain. Foreign visitors entering the State of Quintana Roo through the southern border of the State are exempt from the payment.

Asistencia Mascotas 

  • Atención en centro veterinario

Cobertura:  $12.000 por evento

Eventos:  6 eventos al año

  • Análisis e imágenes

Cobertura: $12.000 por evento

Eventos:  6 eventos al año

  • Servicio funebre para mascotas

Cobertura: $26.000 por evento

Eventos:  1 eventos al año

  • Phono vet: consultas, viajes al exterior, adiestramiento, consejos

Cobertura: Sin límite

Eventos:  Sin límite

  • Cirugías e internación

Cobertura:  $26.000 por evento

Eventos: 3 eventos al año

  • Descuento del 40% medicamentos derivados de la consulta

Cobertura: $4.000 por evento

Eventos:  12 eventos al año

  • Aplicación de inyecciones calendario de vacuniación y desparasitado

Cobertura: $4.000 por evento

Eventos:  4 eventos al año


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