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City of Mannington, WV

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Integral Handyman

Provides 2 annual handyman services (2 hours each)


$7.99 monthly

$91.00 annually

Enhanced Handyman

Provides 2 annual handyman services (2 hours each)


$9.99 monthly

$114.00 annually

Premier Handyman

Provides 3 annual handyman services (3 hours each)


$12.99 monthly

$148.99 annually

Our handyman Assistance Program:

IGS provides residents with services and expertise to improve and maintain their homes. This peace-of-mind provides confidence in taking a proactive approach to resolving household issues.

An Expert Hotline

  • If you need assistance, our home care experts can help troubleshoot and offer advice where you need it. 
  • Helping solve with many common issues around your home by phone or virtual appointment.
  • Just tell us when you are available and we will make it happen.

About Integral Group Solution

Through affinity partnerships, we provide assistance services to the residents and customers of municipalities, utilities, banks, and insurance companies.

Across 19 countries, IGS provides 2,000 unique programs to over 1,000 partners. We’re proud to have an A rating with the BBB, and a 96% customer satisfaction rating across the company!

Our Mission

To provide the best programs & services, with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are fully committed to the needs of our partners, and their communities.

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Finding a reliable handyman for household jobs can be a daunting task; from the scarcity of skilled professionals to the high demand for their services. Our program alleviates the cost of home repairs & maintenance, is supported by a trusted network of local & licensed contractors, creating a turn-key experience in what can often be an intimidating and stressful experience.

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What is the IGS Assistance Program?

How does the IGS Handyman Program benefit the community?

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Give your community peace-of-mind!

Join the over 1,000 IGS partners across the globe! At IGS, no partner is too big or too small; from small-town municipalities to global financial & insurance institutions, we’re ready to add value and peace-of-mind to the communities & people you support! Learn more about becoming a partner today.


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Integral Group Solution (IGS) offers home service contracts to homeowners in 33 states and Washington, D.C., and currently services more than 1.3 million home service contracts in USA, LATAM and Europe. The company has been providing Home Service contracts since 2012 with more than 9 out of 10 customers satisfied, and an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Asistencia Mascotas 

  • Atención en centro veterinario

Cobertura:  $15.000 por evento

Eventos:  6 eventos al año

  • Análisis e imágenes

Cobertura: $15.000 por evento

Eventos:  6 eventos al año

  • Servicio funebre para mascotas

Cobertura: $33.000 por evento

Eventos:  1 eventos al año

  • Phono vet: consultas, viajes al exterior, adiestramiento, consejos

Cobertura: Sin límite

Eventos:  Sin límite

  • Cirugías e internación

Cobertura:  $33.000 por evento

Eventos: 3 eventos al año

  • Descuento del 40% medicamentos derivados de la consulta

Cobertura: $5.000 por evento

Eventos:  12 eventos al año

  • Aplicación de inyecciones calendario de vacuniación y desparasitado

Cobertura: $5.000 por evento

Eventos:  4 eventos al año


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